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Cut and Prepared Leads
Matrix Wiring supplies many electrical and electronic OEMs with straightforward cut and prepared leads, including part-stripped, dip-tinned, window-stripped or terminated, these can be produced in materials including PVC, silicone rubber, PTFE and glass-braid. Whatever your volumes, we have a range of equipment from semi automatic cutting and crimping machines to our fully programmable leadmaker.
Mains Cable Assemblies
Matrix Wiring can supply a few hundred to several thousand main cables at a time in either PVC or Silicone rubber. Our cut and strip machines are of the latest technology and can process cable up to 25mm OD in straight lengths or coils. We can leave leads bare ended or terminate as required, including rings, receptacles and tabs. Finally we can fit mains leads with any cable glands, grommets or labels which may be required.
Cable Harnesses
We can supply excellent quality cable harnesses providing the link to vital control and monitoring components in an appliance. Where necessary, we can supply assemblies which are 100% continuity tested using Cirris test equipment.
Ribbon Cable Assemblies
From 6 to 60 way, simple to complex, Matrix Wiring has experience in producing volume ribbon cable
assemblies of high quality and cost effective.
  Ribbon cables
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